mercredi 10 décembre 2008

Le poème de Saint-Nicolas

Dear Tommy,

Sinterklaas know you're a busy man
You do as much as you possibly can
Do not like to waste a minute of your time
Want each moment to be sublime

Sint wonders where you find the energy
to climb, play tennis, go and see
Lizz Wright, Gotan, Rodrigo y Gabriela
Work, read and call your mother Ella

You try to live a healthy life
But do not always remember this strife
Sint know you're hooked to the sweet
It's stroopwafels and chocolate you need
Even though the taste is good
You should sometimes try some fruit

Well life for you is like a battle
Cause you vowed to never settle
Hungry and foolish you'll try to stay
Go wherever, come what may
Life is good and will get better
But First splurge on this chocolate letter



Thank you Sinterklaas !

Le cortège de Saint-Nicolas arrive à Amsterdam

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